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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I go about engaging a Photo Booth/Roving Photography with SGPhotoBoy?

You may contact us via Whatsapp at +65 8933 1866 or email us at We make sure to respond as soon as possible!

2. What are the payment methods available?

We accept payment either through paynow or bank transfer via iBanking. 50% of the total payment will be placed with us as deposit and the remaining 50% will be due one week before the actual event date.​


3. Does SGPhotoBoy provide services longer than 3 hours?

We provide 2- and 3-hour rental for our services. However, if you do require longer duration, feel free to contact us and we will make sure to cater to your request.​

4. How much space do I have to allocate for the Photo Booth?

A minimum 3m by 3m area is needed to ensure that there is enough space to fit the entire setup and the guests comfortably. Please do let us know if space constraint is going to be an issue.​


5. What is needed to run the Photo Booth?

A power point in close distance and 2 long tables for our equipment and props will be all we need! Just bring yourself and have fun!​


6. What are the photo sizes available?

We provide 4R (4”x6”), Filmstrip (2”x6”), Polaroid (4”x3”) and Wallet size (2”x3”) prints. Take your pick!​


7. Do I get a say in the design of the Photo Booth template?

Each template design is customized to the particular event so that the photos can turn out unique. We also provided revisions of the template design up to 5 times, so rest assured you will definitely be satisfied with the end results!​


8. Will I be able to customize the props?

Most definitely! Just contact us and we will inform you of the additional costs and necessary details.​


9. Will I be able to choose the backdrop?

We have a selection of default backdrops for you to choose from. However, if you would prefer a customized backdrop, please contact us to enquire on the additional costs!​


10. How many photos are allowed for each engagement?

We provide unlimited prints to anyone at the event so everyone gets to leave with a small memorial token of the event! Your guests can take as many photos as he/she would like. In event of long queues, we would limit to each group of guests to take up to 2 photos to keep the crowds under control. But feel free to rejoin the queue anytime you want and we will happily take a photo for you again!​


11. Where can I find my photos after the event?

  • For Photo Booth: The full collection of photos would be uploaded onto Google Drive and a link would be sent to you via email within 5 days after the event, so that you can download and have full access to the photos!

  • For Roving Photography: Post-processing of the photos will first be done so that everyone in the photos look their best, after which they will be uploaded onto Google Drive. A link to the photos would then be sent to you via email within 14 days after the event.​

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